Incorporating R M Brown - Insurance

List of Products & Services

Here are some of the ways we can help.  Insurance is a huge subject, so it’s by no means exhaustive.

If there is something you want and it’s not here, let us know.

Click on the link below for the service you need.

Insurance & Services for Your Business - Including learning some of the nasty things that can happen to your business, to you as owner or manager and how to avoid them.

Insurances for the Professions - Professional practices have different insurance needs from commerce.  We address those needs here.

Insurance & Services for Your Club, Charity etc. - Includes learning some of the nasty things that can happen to it, or to you as a Member or manager and how to avoid them.

Insurance & Services for You & Your Family - (A substantial proportion of people who don’t take appropriate professional advice end up under-insured or not insured at all.  Don’t let it happen to you!)

Savings, investments, life assurance & pensions - Make the most of your money!

Mortgage & Re-Mortgage Services - We help you to pick the best deal for you.

Landlord’s Page - Whether you have one property or many, information on buy to let, mortgages, re-financing, insurance.  Let us help you to find the best deal for your property portfolio

Claims - We expect to know when you have a claim.  Here is some help till you can talk to us (snorkel & flippers not included).