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Adequate pensions for all

We believe in fair and adequate pensions for all in the United Kingdom, not just for some of us.  That many people who have worked and paid taxes for sometimes more than 50 years, then to have an inadequate pension is a national disgrace.  Having said that, the State and employers cannot be expected to do it all; there is also a personal responsibility to save for one’s retirement.

Click here for our submission to HM Government on public sector pension provision

Click here for our submission to HM Government on the Chancellor’s 2012 Budget

Lost track of a pension scheme from earlier in your career? If you've lost the details of a pension, the UK Government’s Pension Tracing Service may be able to help by providing your pension scheme’s address. You can then contact the scheme and find your entitlement. Find out what The Pension Tracing Service can do for you and how you can contact them.  Click here to go to the appropriate page on the Government’s web site.  (Opens in new window)

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