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Advice on money matters

Financial products are often badly understood, even by some working in that sphere:

If we don’t change our attitudes to money, the future is not bright.  Conversely, those clients who have consistently taken our advice have provided well for their retirement and will pass or have passed good inheritances on to their children and grandchildren.  

As Independent Financial Advisors, we are very able to help you provide well for your family and your future.  We have no ties to any investment provider or product.  Our advice is impartial and we tell it like it is, and that is not necessarily how you will want to hear it, based on our long experience of money.

Priorities - Whilst many people see their home as their principal financial asset, the reality is very different. In our view, the order of importance of your assets should be as follows:  (click on the appropriate link to know more)

  1. Your family is the most important asset you have.  Without the help and support you can and should give each other, everything else can seem pretty meaningless.
  2. the ability to continue working (which includes one's business, if one is a business owner)
  3. the ability to have a continuing income once one gives up paid work (do you REALLY want to survive on the only State Pension?)
  4. the management of borrowings and debt
  5. house (buildings)
  6. savings (rainy day money, repairs and replacement, holidays to ensure one takes proper rest, etc.)
  7. contents of home
  8. the financial means for provision of transport.

Too many people don't see it that way, which in our view is the principal reason why our economy is in such a parlous state at present.  As a nation, we have to change our mindset about "borrow and spend."  This is not only a government thing, it’s about taking ownership of one’s own affairs.

There are very good reasons why we put them in that order: without items 1 & 2 in place, all the items lower down the list fail to happen.  We can see that items 4 and 5 could be reversed.  And you don’t have to own your own home: renting is an option.

Then there is the question of life assurance to protect those for whom you are responsible: