Incorporating R M Brown - Insurance

Contact details:

E-mail us:  (Opens in a new window)  If you don’t receive a reply in 2 working days, please tell us by ’phone.  Our spam filters may have blocked your e-mail.

Telephone: +44 (0)1332 380149.

Mail: P O Box 182, Derby, DE1 1WE, England

Public Holidays (closed):

Easter from Friday to Tuesday inclusive

May Day (1st Monday in May)

Late Spring (last Monday in May) Monday and Tuesday

Late Summer (last Monday in August) Monday and Tuesday

Christmas/New Year - noon on 23 December till 09:00 hours on 1st working day in January.  If 23rd December falls on a week end, 17:00 hours on the previous Friday.  During Christmas/New Year we arrange a ’phone diversion service for emergencies only.

Registered Number: 2214219 England

Registered Office: 1 & 2 Vernon Street, Derby, DE1 1FR, England