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Car insurance, GAP insurance and vehicle rescue insurance - Good Rates and Cover.  Contact us for details.

Our GAP cover costs much less than buying through a garage AND it’s often with the same insurer which the garage uses!  Follow the link for a brief description of what is available.

Insure your velocipede, car, minibus, camper van etc.

Competitive rates, backed by our usual advice, administration and after sales service.  (For vans, trucks and other commercial vehicles, see Insurances & Services for Your Business.)



In the event of your vehicle being written off or stolen, protect yourself against the shortfall between the market value that your motor insurer will pay out and the original purchase price, or an agreed value

Example of how GAP Insurance works
Vehicle Cost £20,000; Insurance settlement £13,000

GAP benefit pays £7,000

The extra payment will enable you to replace your vehicle!

Various types of protection available for purchases outright or on finance:

Purchase Price Protection GAP - The original amount paid for the vehicle

Agreed Value GAP – The market value of your vehicle today

Finance GAP - The amount which remains outstanding on a Finance Agreement

Lease GAP - The early termination charge under a contract hire or lease agreement

If your vehicle is financed, the amount outstanding  
on your agreement could be protected;

Warning - Your motor dealer will offer you a similar product which may not include the same benefits and could include 20% insurance premium tax (compared to 6% if purchased via an insurance broker)

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