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Directors & Officers (D&O) insurance - Did you know that a Director, Officer or Senior Manager of a limited company can be sued personally for what has gone wrong in the company?  Click on the link to discover more.

Intellectual Property (Patents etc.) - What is someone steals your patent/copyright/computer program or other intellectual property?  What if someone accuses you of infringing yours?

Claims - We expect to know when you have a claim.  Here is some help till you can talk to us (snorkel & flippers not included).

Financial Services - Life assurance for your key personnel (won’t you need money if one of them dies?), Pensions for your staff, senior people (and don’t forget the boss!), mortgages etc.  Make the most of your money!

Motor Fleet - SWAT analysis.  Some legal case studies.  An outline plan to lessen risk.  Manage your Motor Fleet, comply with HSE requirements and keep premiums low.

Self-Build - Competitive cover for your new or renovated property

Travel insurance (Award winning policy!!!) - Nominated year after year as a “Which” magazine best buy.  Very good value for money, with your policy available on-line

Cargo and Freight - (click on picture on left for an explanation, click HERE to buy on-line) - Moving goods across country or around the World?  What happens when they don’t arrive? - Fed up of waiting for documents? - We can arrange competitive cover, with documents in your office on-line!