Incorporating R M Brown - Insurance

Our firm was founded on Christmas Eve 1978.  Since then we have grown almost entirely by personal recommendation from clients and from our business and professional connections.

Today we represent clients from all over the World, all types of businesses, professions, clubs, charities, property owners and private individuals.

We take a pride in giving independent advice for all your risk management, insurance, assurance, pensions, savings, mortgage & re-mortgage needs on a person to person basis.

All front line staff are suitably qualified professionals, experienced for the tasks we expect them to perform.

Our duty is to our clients.  We have no ties or allegiance to any insurance company, bank or other financial institution.

Those clients who have been loyal over the years have either made, or saved, money often well in excess of what they would have expected to have achieved by themselves.

We are:

About Moneynotion Limited